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‘Silk Glove Liner 100 % Pure Silk Manbi

Silk Glove Liner 100 Percent Pure Silk Manbi.

Silk Glove Liner at £14.50 is the ultimate in comfort at an affordable price.

Silk means warmth and insulation without weight or bulk. Silk has a natural wicking motion transferring hand perspiration away from the hand’s surface leaving the hand dry and therefore lovely and warm. Silk is as strong as the equivalent filament of steel, making it an ideal durable fabric for inner gloves.

  • RRP £19.99 SkiMarket Special Price £14.50
  • Pure silk.
  • Can stretch up to 20 percent of original size.
  • Soaks up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture.
  • Strong as equivalent filament of steel.

Palm Measurement: Measure around the palm of your dominant hand just below the point where the fingers meet the palm. (Size guide is in inches)

Size UK
Small 5-7
Medium 8-9
Large 10-11
Extra Large 11-12

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Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £14.50.

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