Hestra 80mm Wrist Cuffs Pair for Ski Gloves

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Hestra Wrist Cuffs Pair for Ski Gloves Junior 80mm

Perfect for had sizes 3-7 (approx up to 16 years old)

These genuine Hestra wrist cuffs keep gloves and mittens safe and secure, so one less thing to worry about when heading to the slopes from the boot room with your children. So whether you are after a spare or want to fit glove wrist cuffs to another brand of gloves, these durable wrist cuffs will stop you losing a glove or mitt on the mountain or chair lift.

These are the Junior children’s option, featuring a 17mm elasticated wrist strap with the Hestra logo, and the strap is 80mm wide when laid flat to suit narrower chidren’s wrists. It is recommended for childrens glove sizes 3-7.

They offer a 100mm cord from which your gloves can safely dangle, and the wrist cuff is 80mm wide when flat, and elasticated without being too aggressive, so you hardly notice it there – until you need it.

We also stock womens versions and also cuffs for mens wrists too.


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