Tube Sock 14 Inch Bright Hoops (Shoe size 6-12)

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A fun and original 14 inch tube sock, that is an excellent ski sock being made with 40% wool for warmth and breathability keeping feet warm and dry. Being one long tube, the socks fit exactly to your foot size as your foot creates its own heal.

There is minimal toe seams which reduces pressure points on the toes. It is advisable to wear a knee length sock in order to help relieve pressure of the ski boot.

These socks are really comfortable and make a fantastic sock for wearing with ski boots or with normal everyday shoes. You can also wear them after skiing and your feet will never be cold again.

SkiMarket highly recommend the 14 inch tube sock and they represent great value for money

  • Combines 40% wool / 40% Acrylic / 20% Nylon


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