Manbi Strider Foot Warmer – Pair

Strider Hot Pad footwarmers are one-use footwarmers designed to give you a boost of warmth when you need it most. Using totally natural ingredients, whether you are skiing, fishing, supporting the kids on the sidelines or simply taking a walk, Strider footwarmers will provide up to six hours of warmth. Simply take the ‘tea bag’ style warmer out of its packet, shake to circulate the air and activate, wait half a minute before placing into a shoe where it will continue to get to temperature and provide warmth.

Use the peelable sticky side to help locate the warmer on top of the foot just above the toes. We recommend you try to activate the warmer before you really need it, this will help to promote blood flow in the area where you need it and will stop feet from getting cold and uncomfortable.

  • One pair of disposable footwarmers
  • Heat for up to 6+ hours
  • Odourless
  • Safe and Disposable
  • Self heating

All natural ingredients


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