Glasses Retainer Cord


Manbi Reading or Sunglasses Neck Cord Glasses Retainer Strap

Fed up of your sunglasses or glasses falling off or moving away from your face when you least want them to?
The Manbi retainer strap collection is a perfect solution as they will slip over the arms of your reading glasses or sunglasses and the toggle can be adjusted to hold them in the correct position for you.
A very cheap way to make sure your expensive glasses or sunglasses don’t fall off!

Excellent for reading, driving, active outdoors, skiing. beach activities, fishing, kayaking, boating etc for sunglasses or glasses – these eyewear retainers are essential for anyone involved in water-sports, Perfect for trips to the beach, hiking, the gym, surfing – and so-on!

  • Adjustable loop ends fit most sunglass arms
  • Simple 62cm long 5mm wide cord


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