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38mm SkiMarket Jumbo Ski Ties

JUMBO Ski Ties 1 pair of 38mm SkiMarket Jumbo Ski Ties Velcro fastening

Keeps skis well locked together. The ski ties is pretty much essential when skiing. These brightly coloured velcro ski ties attach to your skis and holds them neatly together. This makes carrying and storing your skis so much easier. They also acts as a marker so you can spot your skis from a distance.

Tip: Ski ties are a great way of identifying your luggage at the airport – especially for school parties. Teachers can easily identify bags from their group. Wrap a ski tie around the handle of your case and save yourself the embarrassment of picking up someones else’s suitcase from the baggage reclaim conveyor belt!

  • Buy with confidence from SKIMARKET – voted retailer of the year
  • SkiMarket have supplied over 250,000 ski ties
  • Award winning SkiMarket are the No1 supplier of Ski Ties in the UK
  • 38mm SkiMarket Jumbo Ski Ties – Velcro strap for easy fastening.
  • Helps children or adults identify their own skis.
  • Also can be used to identify suitcases
  • 38mm wide with Printed space for name
  • Makes carrying skis easier
  • Also use when storing the skis

We also stock 30mm ski ties and the 20mm ski ties. Click on links for more information.

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